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7 Vital Things To Know About Research Paper Formatting Styles

A student, regardless of his or her field of study, must approach a research paper with utmost care and an extremely formal, professional state of mind. It is a make or break deal in a student’s life and cements his or her future opportunities in the job market. Following a good formatting style ensures that the paper gets its due attention from the reviewing board or committee.

  1. Sketching out the outline
  2. Before actually getting started on the paper, the student must first decide on a formatting style to follow, as there is a wide variety of formats out there. However, while doing so, he or she must keep in mind that the style needs to be accepted by the ones who will be reviewing the paper. Hence, it is better to play safe and choose the widely accepted format or to run it by a teacher or professor prior to starting on the paper.

  3. Preparing a rough overview
  4. It is always encouraged that the student first come up with a rough draft so that the necessary corrections and changes can be made without him or her having to rewrite the entire paper all over again. This also enables the student to go through his or her research before actually penning down the final copy of the paper. This option is, obviously, only a feasible one when there is no paucity of time, plaguing the student.

  5. Emphasise the major points
  6. It is always a good idea to highlight and focus on the noteworthy portions of a thesis so that the reviewer’s attention is drawn to those parts. These sections include:

    • The hypothesis and the backdrop leading up to it.
    • Important events or case studies or observations recorded during the process of conducting the study.
    • Eminent sources that have been included in the paper.
    • The final theory, proved or disproved, in the analysis of the findings.
    • Important statistics that have been included to appropriately illustrate the student’s views and opinions.
  7. Formal and technical vocabulary
  8. The student must pay heed to the fact that writing a dissertation entails that the approach to the paper must be appropriate and serious enough for the level at which the student is writing. The language must never be flowery and vague. An added advantage would be to use specific key words and terms that illuminate the student’s grasp on the topic, under study.

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