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Tips And Tricks On How To Make A Research Paper Hypothesis

You already know from years of study that a hypothesis for a research paper is some way of describing or explaining a pattern about a real-world situation that is either general or specific. It is your academic opinion on a matter that can be used to predict behaviors – an argument that states something will happen or is happening because of specific elements. None of this should sound new to you. But you might still be having trouble coming up with a good research paper hypothesis. So here are some great tips and tricks for developing a great one:

Read Existing Research

Search for as much information as you can on the research paper topic you have selected. You will want to become somewhat as an expert on the topic and have developed a pretty good grasp of what is already available and known about the topic.

Analyze the Literature

Have a close analytical look at the materials you found in your research. You should know your way around the major topics and issues surrounding your area of study. A lot of this material can be referenced in your work, but more importantly it should help you develop ideas.

Generate Some Questions

After analyzing the literature surrounding your topic, start writing out some questions that haven’t been answered, especially ones that you find interesting and would like to explore further. These should give you a good starting point for your research paper hypothesis.

Draft a Simple Hypothesis

Start by drafting a simple hypothesis. The content doesn’t have to be perfect at this moment, but it should clearly state the direction you will be taking in your research study. You will have the chance to revise this later, so just get a simple idea down at this point.

Make Sure it’s Testable

You need to make sure your research paper hypothesis can take to variables and show how their relationship can be measured or observed in the real world. Your hypothesis cannot just be an opinion but something that can be testable with a survey, lab test, data analysis, etc.

Revise Your Hypothesis

Finally, review your hypothesis and revise it into as simple and concise a statement as possible. Limit your hypothesis to no more than two sentences. This will ensure the reader isn’t confused by what you are proposing in your research paper.

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