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Elaborate Guide To Creating A Research Paper On Racial Profiling In Airports

Before writing any research paper, it is important to understand the main topic and points that you want to highlight, should already in your mind.

The assignment is to create a research paper on Racial profiling in airports, so be thinking about what is the actual topic and what is the point, its related background, and other related information you need to put in this paper.

Here Racial profiling in airports is done for the security purposes. Since after 11 Sept 2011, it's been more common in airports to screen people by security purposes, particularly based on race or religion, and under the law of enforcement they can stop anyone from checking.

For paper;

  • First, everything should be in perfect outline, in a perfect manner for easy conveying. Research papers include three sections: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. That's three things will describe all your thoughts in the pattern.
    • INTRODUCTION include; what and why you want to discuss this with the readers. Major points, plans, and ideas about this topic will describe in this, but in short.
    • BODY - In this part, we will describe all our collected data information found during your examination of articles and information already published.
  • Your Data should be correct, up to date, true with proof because it is the writer's responsibility to give the right information to readers, not the fake one so stay original.
  • You can explain your point by giving examples of why this racial profiling activity is done and what the main reason behind all this.
  • Be point to point, do not use crap things which do not belong to your aim.
  • Your language should be perfect and easy to understand.
  • The main purpose of all this is to this reader read through your mind.

The next step includes your CONCLUSION

CONCLUSION include; All the things that you describe in two parts. Here you will summarize your points and give your conclusion on overall research.

  • At last, organize all your data according to your outline. Check for any mistake and double check your information.
  • Also, try to use opposing views, that will help to support and give weight to your statements.

Important point:

  • Check for plagiarism, to be sure about your information is not copied pasted.
  • Try to make attractive subheadings it will give a good outlook and also provide a different paragraph for each point.
  • Go through your paper again, recheck and revise everything. Try to revise it by speaking that help you to catch errors.
  • Grammar mistakes are mostly found in the paper, for this you first go to yourself and if still, you are not satisfied then use proofreader, online grammar, etc...
  • Now start with your topic in outline manner, read all the relevant notes you have collected and start writing.

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