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A Set Of Winning Research Paper Topics On Graphic Design

Graphics design is a discipline where a lot of creativity is required. It is even more valuable to be creative when selecting the topic for your research paper. It should be as captivating and thoughtful as the designs you produce. A person perusing through several papers should find yours irresistible because of the topic. Answer the following questions to evaluate the strength of your topic.

Is the Topic Relevant?

The topic you choose should be relevant to your grade and area of study. This means that it adds value to the life of a reader. A relevant topic solves an existing problem which makes it attractive to readers. Avoid old topics whose importance has been overtaken by time. It should be at the fore of the minds of readers.

What is it about?

Graphics design is a very broad subject. This presents numerous ideas to base your paper on. However, not all ideas are valuable. Choose a specific idea and let your title indicate that. Avoid over generalization or being too specific. A general topic comes with surplus material that cannot fit into a single paper. On the other hand, if the topic is too specific, it might restrict your creativity and thus weaken your paper.

Have Others Written on it?

Read related research papers to see what other writers are saying. Identify common and valuable ideas as well as those that conflict with your view. Use those in agreement to lend credibility to your paper. You may also counter those in opposition.

Is it Interesting to Read?

No reader would want to waste hours going through boring text. Ensure that your research paper offers intriguing facts and uses captivating language. Make it presentable through strong arguments. Avoid unsubstantiated opinion and exhausted topics.

Here are interesting topics in graphics design to consider.

  1. Development of graphics design over decades
  2. When the ideas of the client differ from those of the designer
  3. Are apps replacing the desktop graphic designers?
  4. The impact of CAD on the graphics design platform
  5. The place of animation in art
  6. Video gaming as a graphics design element
  7. Differentiating between fun and aesthetics
  8. Contemporary theories in photography and graphics design
  9. Touch pad vs the mouse during design
  10. When simplicity wins
  11. Judging the true worth of a design: The client vs the designer
  12. The woman perspective in graphics design

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