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10 Strong Holocaust Research Paper Topics For High School

Strife is a natural part of human interactions, throughout history, it has been proven time and time again, that civilizations of greater power, will attempt to conquer those of less. Many brilliant minds will argue that this is simply a natural part of life, survival of the fitness and many other definitions, that shows why we often engage in conflict. Even putting humans aside, it is not uncommon for animals in to fight for superiority among their own, conflict between living things is worthy of intensive research.

There are many places in the world, where you could not, or at least, should not mention a topic such as the Holocaust. It is quite understandable as well, during this time period, many people lived and suffered in fear. Fear for there lives, their dignity, religion and their loved ones, it can truly be considered one of the darkest times in our history. Consider the following ten topic ideas for a research paper on the Holocaust.

  1. Why is it that humans being can’t seem to co-exist?
  2. This study explore the possibility of humans existing together in peace and harmony.

  3. What were the effects of the Holocaust on other ethic groups?
  4. This study seeks to explore the extent of the effects this movement has on person of unaffected ethic groups.

  5. Is the world worried about a re-occurrence a holocaust type event?
  6. This study attempts to understand the feeling of the world’s population, in light of such an occurrence happening in their time.

  7. What are the effects of the holocaust that remain today?
  8. This study attempts to find solid evidence that indicates a holocaust took place in the past.

  9. Are the people of involved countries willing to speak about the holocaust?
  10. This study attempts to assess the current states of nations involved in the event as it occurred.

  11. Is there any moving on from committing an act such as the holocaust?
  12. This study attempts to discover how perpetrators of the holocaust perceived their future after the event.

  13. What can be done to prevent the existence of racist groups?
  14. This study seeks to understand the origins of racism

  15. Should we really strive for racial superiority?
  16. This study hopes to uncover the reason why certain people feel the need to establish their own superiority.

  17. What motivated the supporters of the holocaust?
  18. This study seeks to find possible causes of this event.

  19. Did the holocaust have any silver lining?
  20. This study seeks to explore the possibility of a good thing resulting from the event.

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