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A List Of Suggestions For Writing A Great Research Paper In Marketing

There a hundreds of topics you can explore when writing a research paper in the field of marketing. But we know that it can sometimes be hard to come up with some fresh ideas. So, we’re providing this list of suggestion for you to consider:

  1. How do small businesses effectively balance their online strategies versus their offline ones? Are specialists required for successful marketing or do new tools allow for existing resources to run a successful campaign?
  2. What are the major similarities and differences between corporate marketing and business marketing? How does one strategy fit small to mid-size business more appropriately than it’s opposite?
  3. Conduct an analysis of the kind of influence that network television departments have on the marketing strategies of major corporations, in a time when the internet is quickly becoming the preferred method of viewership?
  4. Describe an online marketing plan for a medium sized firm specializing in women’s apparel. How do you deal with body image issues for a line of clothing that has not been designed for the average woman?
  5. How are marketing departments for various large sized corporations using people’s tendency to use their smartphones or computer tablets to connect with potential customers throughout the day rather than in peak hours?
  6. How are marketing strategists using your daily social media habits to gain valuable information about their competition? Do you think it’s a violation of privacy to have others’ search your posts in order for market analysis?
  7. In what ways are traditional “Black Friday” sales strategies changing in a time when more and more customers are making their purchases year round through online channels? Are “Black Friday” sales even as important to companies as they once were?
  8. How are different marketing agencies using website and SEO to help struggling companies rebrand image and become solvent again? Are different strategies for reaching customers more successful than others?
  9. Are loyalty coupons still an important method for building a strong customer base? Or is open marketing a much more effective method of attracting existing and new customers in this time where the internet affects our daily lives?
  10. What are the benefits of implementing a location-based Wi-Fi strategy or location-based coupons important for keeping customers actively returning to a company’s home site? Are these as important or effective for small business with limited resources?

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